Head of Strategy & UX

Since 2020

Building a culture, team and environment to co-create smart products & services for a positive future.

Lecturer (Media Design)

Since 2020

Exploring how to design digital products that address environmental challenges.

Board member

Since 2019

Creating space, community & opportunity for important ideas to become a reality.

Lecturer (UX Design)

Since 2014

Exploring how to design digital products that address environmental challenges.

Formerly: Founder

2013 - 2020

Helping businesses create digital experiences.

„What drives me is the opportunity to co-create a better future by the use of life-centered design.“

Katharina Clasen
Portrait of Katharina Clasen

Hi, I am Katha!

I am a technology enthusiast and creative thinker. I am passionate about our environment and want to bring a life-centered view into every part of my life.
Our world is changing so rapidly – in many regards not in a good way. I would really like to be at least a small part of the solution – if there is any. Since I have worked with technology for my whole professional life and have a decade of experience as a problem solver and User Experience expert, I try to find ways to to be a positive impact by combining creative problem solving with technology to find new solutions. For the different parts of my professional life this takes different forms:

Head of Strategy & UX at Codeatelier GmbH

After building my own little UX studio with 2 amazing employees, Tanja and Carine, we joined Codeatelier in early 2020. I was very lucky to be offered a position, in which I am able to build up the UX (research, conept and design) and marketing departments and to form the agencies strategy as part of the companies leadership. For me that meant bringing a life-centered perspective and sustainability into the core of the value system, the mission of the agency and our services.

User Experience Lecturer at Stuttgart Media University and University of Applied Sciences Esslingen

I have been teaching UX Design at the Stuttgart Media University since early 2014 and at the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen since early 2020. There I am teaching the students how to build digital products that create positive experiences. A user-centered approach has always been the basis. During the recent years, I came up with a very simple framework to create digital product solutions that aim to solve environmental problems. I am still in the testing phase with that approach.

Board member at Makers League e. V.

We are still at the very beginning with the Makers League, an association that aims to support makers of all kind (founders, freelancers, employees...). My personal goal for my contributions in the Makers League is to support ecological and social innovations and to help organizations to provide workplaces that respect human needs and helps them to self-actualize and thrive.

I am still at the very beginning of my Life-centered Design journey. I am experimenting and trying to learn a lot. If you want to exchange ideas around this topic or have some information to share, please fell free to reach out!